On this page you will find the latest news of the application.

2023-11-28 New

New address for Scoop ice cream shop

2023-09-09 New

New Burger King stores

2023-09-06 New

New venue added:

  • Palace Viseu
2023-08-24 New

New venue added:

  • DeRaiz
2023-08-14 New

New venue added:

  • Sam Pastelaria Saudável
2023-07-01 New

Clarification of the status of catering chains.

2023-06-06 New

New venues added:

  • Burger King
  • McDonald’s
  • Pans & Company
  • Telepizza
2023-05-20 New

Bug fixes:

  • Map does not load correctly in some android versions.

New features:

  • When changing the filters, the map is adjusted so that all establishments are visible.
2023-05-07 New

New venues added:

  • Gluten’Out
  • Pizzeria Totale